Family: new morning breakfast routine


Some of you may have heard, Sofia and I have restructured our mornings. Not like you maybe thinking, nothing detrimental to our sleep routine or anything, I’m talking morning eats. Sofia is the definition of picky eater, the apple doesn’t fall far — hooray for her inheriting my worst traits — and damn you what goes around comes around. Our mornings used to consist of either cheerios, toast, apple sauce, cranberries, yogurt or french toast, this is about as far as we could push her taste buds, and by taste buds I mean her sense of control. Until just recently Sofia began to ask for a morning smoothie, you could only image how excited I was. So much so I plastered it all over Facebook and Instagram, as a mother of a picky eater getting any sort or new foods, especially fruits and vegetables is like bumping into your ex on the day you decided to wear falsies and your hot jeans and your babes acting like a perfect angel #eatthat.

This past week has been incredible, I have let Sofia dictate everything that goes into the smoothie and she has created a few interesting yet super yummy combinations:

Raspberries, Apple Juice and Spinach
Mangos, Peaches, Water, a splash of Apple Juice and Spinach
Peaches, Strawberries, Vanilla Yogurt, Milk and Spinach

You have no idea, well maybe you do {where my MPEU at?!? mama of picky eaters unite}, please share all your other fabulous smoothie recipes with me. I need to go out and buy more goodies that I can throw in and add extra nutrients and goodness. Oh! I wonder if she would take to coconut milk. Hmmmm. Things are looking brighter over here so you can all stop worrying now! Makes me heart so happy.

PS: just the other day we were watching one of her favorite youtube videos, frozen trailers and she says to me “mama I want a carrot like sven” — you’d better believe I dropped everything I was doing to run to the fridge to get her one. I swear I am creating the most demanding little girl known to men everywhere. Get me this! Get me that! What’s taking you so long? RUN!Ā 


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