FAMILY :: Picnic Essentials


blanket :: grill :: basket :: plateware :: radio :: umbrella

Picnic’s are something you SHOULD be doing most summer days, let’s be honest. This summer make sure you have all the essentials you’ll need to make a picnic in the park {or the beach} complete perfection. From something to sit on, grill on, eat on, and everything fun in between. Let this be your picnic essential list, add to it as you see fit your family, for us I would add a few toys, books, and loads and loads of food; yummy yummy food!

TELL ME do you picnic with the ants?


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  1. That radio is adorable. We picnic with a water proof blanket so our bottoms don’t get wet from the grass. We lucked out on getting a new to us but still brand new gorgeous picnic basket set.

    I think a picnic is now needed.

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