FAMILY: Reminiscing

Cell Phone Photos-001

Last night I was left sitting with my phone, flicking through photos of my “on-the-go” memories from months and even years past, with only but my cell phone storage size to blame. Transferring images from my cellphone, to my dropbox, over to my laptop, and then the difficult move of clearing of them off my phone. Why is that so hard? Can someone tell me? I know I have a copy of them, but why is it so hard to remove them from the device that goes with me everywhere, including to bed? I bet a bunch of you are throwing up your virtual red-flags right now, control issues much, and you know what, you’re probably right. When it comes to my family I want it all, all the happy times, all the memories, all the fuzzy feel good feelings, I want it all right at my finger tips.

Am I alone? Is it hard for you to remove images off your phones?


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