FAMILY: Sisters; what I wish for you


When Sammy and I toyed with the idea of having a second child my only hope besides dodging the unfortunate colic bandwagon this time, was for Sofia and her sibling to hold a relationship like I do with my siblings; an unbreakable bond of sibling love that goes far deeper than any friendship could ever. The reassuring feeling that no matter what road you take, however much time has passed or distance between you, no matter what unforgivable fashion choices you’ve made this person will forever love you, support you and stand by your side.

Besides a clean bill of health and as little heart break as possible in life (sensitivity is something I pass on in my genes) I wish the following for my children:

  • May you passionately disagree but stay strong in supporting one another; means we’ve instilled independence
  • May you fight but always make up; means we’ve shown you the importance of forgiveness 
  • May you always make time for one another; means we’ve shown you the importance of family
  • May you never cruelly compete with one another; means we’ve shown you to celebrate your differences
  • May you always feel the bond you share as sisters; means all that we’ve ever wished for you has come true

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TELL ME what are your wishes for your children? Are they similar to mine? I know we can’t put these things on our Christmas Wish List (wouldn’t that be amazing) but I truly believe that with a close family bond, some guidance and love all of things can and will come true. Nothing worth having comes easy, amirite?!



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