FAMILY: Sofia turns 3

632//she wakes, bright and early, with the sniffles {it’s a cruel cruel world}. Naturally this doesn’t affect her mind, she is fully aware of what day it is and can’t help but smile, and giggle, and JUMP!

IMG_7091 IMG_7105 IMG_7110 1041//arrive at the applebarn, which is where she requested for her family day out. she gave it all she had, ill feeling and all, she was a trooper. jumping on the huge in ground balloon bag, played in the tree houses and slid down the slides, pat the bunnies, the goats, the ducks. We ended our trip with a hayride and picking of apples, she had had enough this little one, time to go home and take a nap.

IMG_7124 IMG_7125 IMG_7147 IMG_7170 IMG_7189 IMG_7201 IMG_7208 IMG_7215 322Ā //after she woke from her much needed nap, we played with all her new toys. a baby that talks, eats, drinks, and poops {you know that off switch came in handy} and watched some of our favorite cartoons in between when a rest was needed. She painted a pumpkin in which we bought at the applebarn; and this apparently this leads to painting your face {says her crazy, but amazing aunt}.

We knew come dinner time her energy levels would low, with wanting to get the most out of her cake reveal, we did it in the late afternoon. the cake was designed by a local mother daughter duo, sinful & delicious cupcakes, with the exterior a gorgeous fondant shell dressed as a scene from daniel tiger, the interior was scrumptious, strawberry shortcake. sweet perfection.

IMG_7228 IMG_7238 IMG_7247


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  1. Look at her smile at the cake reveal!!! She is such a sweetheart, happiest birthday little love bug!

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