FAMILY: Sofia’s Firsts


I know I’m not the only one who documented their child’s ‘firsts’. First smile, first giggle, first tooth, first tantrum. Yes lovelies I was THAT mother, who ran for her camera the moment it happened. MUST. GET. THIS. ON. FILM.

I document Sofia’s entire first year of life, every week until she hit 1 month and then every month until she turned 1 year old, including any important or adorable milestones along the way. Some may call me crazy, but I call it love. Love and excitement, and just simply a desire to capture moments I never want to loose the memory of. Moments I will never get to see again, firsts are a big deal in this house, and although I am sure Sofia Marie is going to despise the fact that I will somehow, someway, get on film her first date, their is no stopping me.

I am thankful for my photo documentation, why?! Because I will forever be able to look back and relish in the moments that literally took my breath away; over and over and over again. Not many people can say this! Now I bet you’re wondering why I am sharing with this all to you today, besides that fact that I LOVE pulling these images out and reminiscing, I’ve been chosen to take part in a “First Cheerios Blog Tour”. Sharing with the world my babies firsts, shinning some light on their 2014 First Cheerios Mosaic, which focuses completely on babies firsts.

Check out Cheerios Firsts Mosaic, and take part. Upload your babies first Cheerio moment and receive a $1 off coupon and have your chance at seeing your babes big moment on next years Mosaic Cheerio Boxes. Now to me, that would be an ultimate keepsake. Could you imagine, shopping the shelves at your local grocery store and seeing your babes big toothless smile on a Cheerio box?! LOVE THIS. This years mosaics are already on shelves to give you an idea of what they look, but of course envision it with you babes smirk plastered all over it!

Tell me lovelies, were you a mama determined to catch every first on film?








Disclosure: I am participating in the First Cheerios blogger campaign by Mom Central Canada on behalf of General Mills. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my first moments. 


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  1. AH!!! I love that you have all of her firsts captured, she is so adorable and getting more adorable all the time! <3

  2. These are sooo adorable! These days are flying by, why not capture the moments? I’m with you. That way I’ll have the pics to keep me company when I’m old and the kids are too busy to visit LOL!


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