FAMILY: Stella Grace (month 1)




The time has flown, because that’s exactly what happens after you have children, time seems to miraculously speed up! This little one is already 4 weeks and changing so much, some good, some… not so good. 

She has decided she prefers the sound of her voice in a screaming nature versus a darling giggle or coo (seriously! why do they do this people?). She is more fussy than not and we have unofficially, I think (do you ever really know?), into the PURPLE CRYING phase. Sammy and I do our best to keep our cool and play a joy’s game of pass-the-baby once it gets too much for one of the following, our patience or ears. She fights sleep like it’s an Olympic sport that she’s been training for all year, with a life long dream of taking home the gold. She’s famous for a 10-minute power nap that takes us hours to get her down for and brilliant at looking deep into your over-tired, frustrated eyes flashing a cheeky grin, which in 99% of the cases makes everything alright.  

Week 4, 5 and 6 are a wee bit rough to say the least, but we know the light at the end of the tunnel is near. It’s funny, Sammy and I are very aware what we’re both good at and where we meet our breaking point, during these past 3 weeks we’ve pulled out all the tricks. Sammy keeps our family together by going to work and tending to the house (cleaning and running errands) while I do all I can to keep both littles fed and smiling.

In 2 short weeks Stella Grace will turn 2 months old… HOLD ME, someone!



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