FAMILY: Stella Grace (month 2)


TWO WHOLE MONTHS has passed since this little person was born and oh my goodness…

Today marked a big day! Besides reaching a whole 2 months in age, more importantly she wore her first real outfit (cuffed skinny jeans, the perfect white tee and a cable-knit cardigan)… Oh. Right. and it was her dad’s 39th Birthday — Happy Birthday Sammy!!!

I still can’t believe that 2 months has passed and this little girl graced our lives with her presence (and love). Tons of smiles, a boat load of giggles and just as many moments with the quivering bottom lip, crocodile tears and dose of “don’t you dare put me down” tangents. Hey! it comes with the territory… Sammy and I are okay with it, we’ve come to terms with the fact that we breed sensitive kids. They wanna’be held, they wanna’be cuddled, they want, they want, they want! 

The smiles though, let’s talk about that can we?!

The only way I best know how to explain the feeling they give is totally and completely heart-warming. From the moment that she connects with your eyes, looking deep into them (almost mind reading like) she starts off with this wee little grin which works it’s way into a smile that takes over her face, she then quickly looks away in excitement shaking her head back and forth sucking in air and making a high pitched shriek. I vow to get this on video, it must be seen by anyone having a bad day.

Oh Stella Grace how you have changed our lives for the better!


BECAUSE SO many people ask, the amazing blanket is from Hip Hip Gifts on etsy. She makes these gorgeous custom “Watch me Grow” blankets that make recording these growth milestones just so easy and fun! Wouldn’t you agree you’ve never seen anything cuter?


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