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I found out last year, when it was too late of course, the Polar Express was an actual thing, in Squamish. We’re talking recreating the movie kinda’ experience. Including meeting the conductor, the hobo, characters in the movie, riding the Polar Express with cookie and hot chocolate service, and the singing of Christmas carols. Magical doesn’t even begin to describe the experience we had when we attended the Polar Express in Squamish this year.

The Polar Express :: Squamish
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Some of you caught wind, via instagram, that our family, along with 5 others {including Tamara from Discovering Parenthood, and Andria from Cheerio Diaries} hopped aboard the Polar Express at the beginning of December. Our kids got all dressed up cozy in their jammies, and we boarded a train destine for the North Pole. The conductor greeted us with amazement, he punched our golden tickets and off we went. We passed by the transient hobo setting up temporary shop, building his fire as he did in the movie, we got to chat with know-it-all Eddie who showered us with knowledge about the train, and even a reenactment of the moment the emergency brakes were pulled. The music played, the waiters brought hot cocoa and cookies, and the feeling in the air was pure magic. We sang carols with friends new and old, laughter filled the train car, and you could feel the holiday joy from everyone. Memories that will be never forgotten. Until next year Squamish, until next year…


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