FAMILY: wasting time waiting for the perfect moment

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The memories we made are what’s important, that flawless vintage tea cup that sits prestigiously in it’s glass house holds absolutely no meaning to me.

When it comes to sipping tea, my first choice is always from a vintage tea cup that my nanna gave me. When she gave me these porcelain treasures her intentions were to add quantity to my collection, but of course not to be used until the an royal occasion presented itself. The funny thing is, she never set rules to these occasions, but I did know they were there and I did know I was to abide by them. So you can imagine the confusion that set in when she saw me pull them out on a Monday evening after dinner with only a quarter our family present.

When you think about it, a special occasion doesn’t have to be something you’ve pre-planned a special outfit for, it doesn’t even have to be an event that was set in place by an invitation that arrived in the mail and required an rsvp; it just has to be a moment with someone you love.

Sofia Marie and I share giggles over breakfast served on silver platters and sip on tea poured from the mouth of a vintage tea pot older than both of us combined; and it happens often. For I have no desire to save these museum pieces from loving nicks and chips; as I see it so much differently, I see it as giving them life. For the that day that I pass them on, I know that every time she uses them she will not only remember, but see the real moments we had together.

The unscripted, uninvited, pajama wearing special occasions we shared together. 



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