FAMILY: Week 3; Grocery Shopping Online


It’s been 3 weeks of complete bliss. We’ve done more things we all enjoy as a family thanks to the affordable little luxury I like to call online grocery shopping with Save-On-Foods. I am almost convinced the neighborhood thinks we’ve won the lotto, and I’m okay with that; what I’m not okay with, is the fact that they’re missing out. I did think about going door to door and explaining to them our new found riches, but I’m almost sure that would score us the unspoken title of “the crazy family” in the neighborhood, and I think the weekly fashion-shoots in the middle of our streets does enough for us already. I’ll leave it to the curious ones to check out the website plastered all over the delivery truck as it passes their windows each Saturday morning.

Just as I’ve done the weeks before {week 1 and week 2}, I spent my Friday evening menu planning with the helps of the Save-On-Food current flyer and trusty ‘ol pinterest. I nailed down a pretty sweet menu for the coming days, and only because a few of you requested {with one demand} I share it with you today:

WEEK 3 MENU PLAN {Saturday, November 15th to Friday, November 21st}
Saturday, 15th: Lemon Feta Chicken with steamed rice and baked zucchini sticks
Sunday, 16th: BBQ Ribs with pasta and roasted carrots
Monday, 17th: Pizza night with pre-made pizza shells and toppings galore
Tuesday, 18th: Turkey Meatballs with tzatziki, steamed rice, and raw veggies
Wednesday, 19th: Ginger Chicken with steamed rice and broccoli
Thursday, 20th: Roasted Yam with veggies and feta {vegetarian night}
Friday, 21st: Chicken Soup with make your own paninis’

*little side note, I learnt Save-On-Foods also has an amazing stash of great recipes to click and drool over on pinterest*


Now, let me tell you about a little “moment” I had with Save-On-Foods that proves they have impeccable customer service; and I mean this. Last week while I placed my order online, I was excited to see their BBQ Ribs {yes, the same ones we enjoyed on Sunday} on buy one get one free. While I knew I was going to snap them up I guess the sale got the best of me and I made a huge mistake when I added them to my cart. I added one set of ribs and didn’t add then”free set” to my virtual buggy; my bad, completely my mistake. I didn’t notice this until my ordered arrived, while unpacking them in my kitchen I realized my blunder. GAH! I grabbed my receipt and called the customer service line listed conveniently on the bottom of all personally shopped orders {they thought of everything}. After explaining my horrible mistake to the agent on the line, I asked him if we might be able to add a note to my account to have them added to my next weeks order, or even if I could come in store over the weekend to pick up the missing set, he reassured me there was nothing to worry about, and he would call me back in just a moment. Within 5 minutes the phone rang and he advised me my regular delivery guy would be back in the area after 1pm and he would deliver the missing piece to my order then. SERIOUSLY?! The mistake was mine to begin with and they came through in a huge way. As I know this circumstance was a bit above and beyond and I couldn’t see this happening every time I made a mistake like this, it just goes to show that Save-On-Foods is big on customer satisfaction. As if they hadn’t before, they surely made a believer out of me.

I can’t even say enough about these people, for real!

Now, for those of you who are JUST joining us, make sure you check out our other 2 posts about online grocery shopping with Save-On-Foods, here and here, get completely and totally educated, and take advantage of this affordable luxury life has handed us. Until next week….

 Disclosure :: Overwaitea Food Group has asked me to share my overall experience with Save-On-Foods Online Grocery Shopping; since I was currently doing so, I gladly accepted. I’ve been compensated  for taking the time to share my experience, but as always all opinions are honest and my own.


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  1. How do you feel about the produce? I placed my first order last week and I LOVED the service but… maybe I am just really picky about my produce but I was a bit bummed. The head of lettuce I received was pretty grim, my bananas were so green that a week later they still aren’t ripe enough to eat, the avocados were mush. I think I will continue to use the service for non produce items and just continue to do a weekly shop at the green grocer. Still totally happy with the service, just need to modify my order so I’m not disappointed. (Oh and I also had a great customer service moment – the strawberries I ordered arrived totally smushed so I called and in two minutes I had a refund. Easy peasy!)

    • I actually love it Hillary, however I’m a little produce crazy and go a little overboard. Did you know you can make notes on each item? For example we request green bananas as I buy them on Friday and don’t actually start eating them until Monday. Make sense? Go crazy, make notes, you wouldn’t be the first 😉 When you review your cart Hillary, under each item you will see a little “add note” click and go crazy. Make requests “please make sure the bananas are just ripe, if they are green please leave them behind”. I will agree their customer service is fabulous, I have had a moment too, however this one was all MY fault and they totally came through. OUTSTANDING. Give it another try and make notes see if it gets better. I bet it will make a difference. SO HAPPY to hear you gave it a try Hillary, makes a huge difference in your day-to-day I find, where before we spent 2 hours at the grocery store. Thank goodness for #affordableluxuries like online grocery shopping I can now shop in my pajamas without the judgement. Let me know how your next order goes. xxoo Tairalyn

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