FAMILY: Week 4; Grocery Shopping Online


Today’s the day, the day I share my 4 week breakdown of making the drastic change. I made a huge decision and moved our weekly family grocery shopping from in store to online. *makin’ big moves over here* In 4 weeks, no doubt I shopped all my families necessities; from food, to toiletries, and all cleaning supplies, in what I feel is a great time frame for gauging monetary savings. We were once a family who spent $250 a week on groceries, shopping in store on a weekly basis, sometimes a little more, and sometimes a little less. Since shopping online with Save-On-Foods I’ve managed to keep the bill between $150 and $160 each week, only stopping into our local store during the week for Sofia’s “morning treat”, vitamin chocolate milk {a proud parent of a picky eater}. I love being in better control of my budget. Our family, in 4 weeks, has saved just shy of $400 on our total grocery bill, but most importantly the time and stress-free moments that have been given to us, are priceless. I knew grocery shopping took up a fair bit of our time, and my mind space for that matter, but I had no idea just how much it did since eliminating it from our day to day. I now spend an hour at most, on a Friday night, menu planning and grocery shopping at our dinner table, lights dimmed, tea cup in hand. It’s heavenly really. What a difference it’s made in all our lives.

Let me talk about my TOP 4 FAVORITE THINGS about shopping online with Save-On-Foods:

You can shop online, anytime, anywhere, in any personal state; without judgement.  I ensure I place my order by 9pm {although you have until 10 pm to place your order for next day delivery} and I choose to have it delivered to my door between 8am and 10am Saturday morning.
Save-On-Foods allows you to not only shop by brand, but by price, and specials. What I’ve been doing is menu planning based on their weekly flyer in my local paper. I get the savings for what’s on sale in the flyer AND I get to take advantage of the in-store specials too – without leaving my comfy chair. Also, I’m still able to earn More Rewards points when I shop online, so that fancy new crockpot I’ve been eyeing will soon be mine. I’m taking savings to a whole new level.
It’s one thing to be good to your customers, but it’s another to go above and beyond. Save-On-Foods has proven their priorities again and again, customer satisfaction is their number one.
Save-On-Foods online allows you to make notes to your personal shopper when they shop your order. I make notes on my fresh produce and even dairy products, “please choose the greenest bananas you have, thanks”, and “make sure the dates on our yogurt are at least a week and a half long, thanks”. It’s literally like I have an in home house keeper doing all the tasks I’d rather not do. I LOVE IT. 


Let’s talk about the TOP 4 QUESTIONS {with answers} I’ve been asked over the last 3 weeks:

It’s $7.95 for delivery, and $4.95 to utilize their pick-up service.
Delivery and pick-up service is based from 3 local stores, South Surrey, Port Coquitlam, and North Vancouver. To find out if the Save-On-Foods vans are in your area, go to their website and enter your postal code.
Currently they only accept major credit cards for payment
They have an app, which allows you to shop not only from your computer, but from your phone on the go. {iTunes/Google Play}

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Save-On-Foods online is hopping on the Black-Friday Bandwagon and offering some pretty rad deals for those who’ve been converted, or for that matter, those of you who’ve yet to be convinced. Online orders placed between Friday, November 28th and Thursday, December 4th will get free delivery {or pick-up if they choose}, including $15 off their next order. That my friends is a $22.95 savings I will be taking advantage of HAPPY ONLINE SHOPPING!

SOF eComm_Black Friday_ofg4me

As I’ve said the weeks prior, if you have any questions, any at all, comment below or send me a message on any of our forms of social media. I will do my very best to get them answered, if I don’t already know. In my opinion, you have nothing to lose, and time and money to gain from trying out Save-On-Foods online shopping and delivery service. With this weeks Black-Friday and Cyber-Monday deals, if you haven’t already given it a try, now’s the perfect time to jump in. Come back and tell me how good it feels to shop like a celebrity!

Disclosure :: Overwaitea Food Group has asked me to share my overall experience with Save-On-Foods Online Grocery Shopping; since I was currently doing so, I gladly accepted. I’ve been compensated  for taking the time to share my experience, but as always all opinions are honest and my own.


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  1. I am SO happy you convinced me to try it. It’s totally changed how I grocery shop. I used to shop in store at least three times per week (I hated doing BIG shops all at once.) Now I’m doing one online order per week and one quick run to the green grocer to get veggies I don’t want picked out for me (I’m picky about my fruit and veg!) It’s drastically decreased the amount of time I spend in a grocery store but more importantly, it’s made me focus on how I’m spending my money. No more impulse chocolate / ice cream / cookie purchases! If I want a treat, I add it to my cart and before I submit my order I make sure I haven’t added, like, 15 treats 🙂 It’s made me more conscious of what I’m buying AND it’s saving me money and time. WIN WIN WIN!

    • Hillary you have no idea how happy this makes me. The reasoning behind sharing me experience is for this exact reason. For others to try a service they may or may not have known about and make a huge impact on their lives in so many ways. We always did our BIG shops all at once, I dragged Sofia aisle after aisle for hours each week trying to make it happen for us as a family, to eat decently but still afford-ably. This is hard enough as it is, let alone doing it with a toddler who’d rather be at the park, and so they should!

      Thank you so much for coming back to share your love, this is what I was hoping to do; spark enough interest in others to at least try it. The service alone will convince them enough, I just wanted to make sure I could butter them up enough to try it.


  2. Awesome posts – yes, I would defiinitely like to join the troops and have a more relaxing Saturday morning!

    I’m super picky about expiry dates and always try to find the longest one available for a product. I was in Superstore buying crackers yesterday and found that the one particular brand of cracker I wanted had an expiry date of Dec. 8, 2014, on ALL BOXES!!!. How were the expiry dates for your orders?

    Also, do you know if they sell organic produce and other products? I guess I could look, but thought I would ask while I was at it.

    Thanks so much for all your research :0)

    • Tammy! I am the SAME way when it comes to the dates on my products. I have yet to have a problem with anything, then again I note my orders to death 🙂

      On items like produce, fresh meat, or dairy I get specific. For example if I don’t plan on using the item for a little later in the week I will put a note by the item saying “please make sure the expiry date takes us through to December 10th” for example. I menu Tammy, so I know when the items will be used up in our house so I go by that. I have been extremely pleased with the dates on our meat and dairy, extremely. As for product I note them up too, because why not. I will ask for the greenest bananas they have {as I order them Friday but my husband doesn’t start using the new ones until Monday, for work}.

      They do sell organic, and I have purchased it when it is on sale and the cost comes so close to regular item prices, however I am not sure if the amount of organic is what you are after. Honestly You’d have to check it our yourself to see if there is enough options for you and your family.

      Honestly Tammy I can’t say enough how much ordering online with save-on-foods helps our family, not just with time and stress, but money. I hope I hear from you soon, in all your raving glory, saying how much you love it!!!!



  3. Just placed an order for delivery on the 23rd to my SIL house for our combined effort for Christmas Eve dinner – my part done – check! Thanks so much!

    • Tammy you my friend are by far the quickest thinker I know. What a fabulous idea, pre-order and have it delivered anywhere. GENIUS! Wow, how easy was that, your family is going to kiss the floor you walk on. THAT or give you an extra glass of rum and egg nog 🙂 So happy you’re enjoying and using the services, they are seriously a life saver!


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