FAMILY: The importance of music


I grew up loving music. It wasn’t something that was talked about lots, and it was never a topic of our Sunday family dinners. But music was always playing. We all felt very passionately about who we chose to spend our time listening to. I remember so vividly, my dad’s Roy Orbison greatest hits CD compilation. My dad, he sings from his heart, you could tell he really feels the music, the words, he sings like nobodies watching.  I loved Roy Orbison, because my dad did.

It’s funny how Sofia gravitates to music so much like I did. I know every child does; it’s fun to sing, dance, and play instruments, but it’s something in Sofia’s movements that make me believe it more than just a interest in a “new form of play”. She feels the music, and slowly moves her body by the pace of the tune. She raises her body up, and down, based on the highs and lows of the song. She spins, moves, and holds a leg out to pose when she desires applause. Their is a connection between Sofia and music that I think lends more than the average child.

Now she doesn’t decline a good wiggles beat, or a fun elmo track, but if she had her choice she’d probably request:

Hands-up, No, No, No – Macklemore’s Can’t Hold Us {watch sofia here:}
No Change, my love, mylove – Macklemore’s My Love {watch sofia here:}
Coming, Coming, Coming – Macklemore’s Thrift Shop {watch sofia here:}

However these days she is all about Katy Perry’s Roar. We listen to it almost every car ride we go on. Doesn’t matter the length or the destination, we all must sing, and more importantly  ROAR! Which means our hands placed on the sides of our face, just hovering over our cheeks, projecting our “roars” as loud as we can, while shaking out finger as we sing “and you’re gonna hear me roar”!

Tell me lovelies, do your kids love music, and are you okay with them listening to music by artists created for adults?!



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