FAMILY: Winning at parenthood


It’s something amazing when you turn your back for what feels like just a moment and upon your return your child has literally grown up in front of your eyes. Many parents will tell you, blink and eye and they will be graduating. It’s not a lie people, the struggle is real, they grow up way too fast.

The other day while I was preparing dinner Sofia took to her easel that we have setup in our living room, with a simple marker and paper she drew the most perfect picture in my eyes, I just had to share. She went on to explain to me that this was a mummy, with a baby in her tummy. The baby has a heartbeat, because of course, and the only item of color on the page was the mummy’s heart because it was full of love.

Yes. All sorts’ of yes. All those times I thought I was failing as a mama, today I won; I WON BIG!


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