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#supportlocal; a hashtag that is as popular as it is important. Do you support your local community? If not you may have no idea how much better an apples taste from a local tree freshly picked? Or the taste of an handmade {with love} marshmallow or jeez, even wine made from 100% locally grown grapes. You’re missing out my friends, you need to change that.

If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know that we’ve been hitting our local farmers’ market here on Sundays, and were picking up so much more than just fresh fruits and vegetables you guys! Two weeks ago we came home with marshmallows, wine and even infused marinating salts. While this week we snagged a bag of illegally delicious kettle corn that Sofia and I may or may not have polished off en-route home. I consider ourselves very lucky to have a Winters Farmers’ Market available close to home; do you have one near?

WANNA HEAR some other juicy and delicious news? No really, do you?! Let’s all assume you answered yes. Myself along with the lovely Salma from The Write Balance are going to be working with Port Moodys Farmers Market a little more closely than we have in the past as shoppers. Over the course of the next 2 months we be helping bring awareness to not only the importance of supporting your local community and Farmers’ Market, but also hosting a weekly giveaway on their Instagram and Twitter, as well as dishing out some fun tips and tricks on home gardening.

This hits close to home for me, given the opportunity to work with such amazing people and sharing our love of gardening and for local businesses. I mean you all know how much my husband is a green thumb, case in point, our backyard garden last year {see here and here}. He has big dreams this year not only for his garden, but for Sofia’s part in it. He hopes to have her helping more, as she showed such great interest last year, and have her actually selling the vegetables from her own little veggie stand outside the house. Can you say adorable? You’d better believe I have already been all over Pinterest for a DIY veggie-stand as well as tips on ways to weave in a money management lesson to a 3 year old. Because before you know it our home will be filled to the brim with stuffies, gold fish crackers, sticky hands that she’s purchased with her profits.


STAY TUNED and make sure that you’re following Port Moody’s Farmer Market via Instagram to be kept in the loop of their weekly giveaways and vendor spotlights; giving you more incite to our local farmers and just what they can offer you and your family.

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