FASHION: 10 Fall Fashion Essentials


1. Forever 21 – $11.80 // asos – $68.86 // Forever 21 – $27.80
Pants are naturally a staple in your fall wardrobe, so rather than just pulling for something easy, like a black trouser, go for a pair of leggings in a warm fall color like burgundy, olive green, mustard, or charcoal. Leather accents are so on-point right now, so if you see a pant with knee patches or pocket liners in leather. Jump on board. Naturally jeans will always be a comfortable go-to in anyone’s closet. For fall, stick with a dark wash and go with any rise and shape that flatters.

2.  J.CREW – $174
Loafers are classic, they are chic, they can be worn dressed up or down. They are my go-to as far as flats go for the fall season. Find a loafer that fits your style, plain and simple, or bold and beautiful, you can’t go wrong when you choose a loafer for fall.

3. Old Navy – $32.94
Chambray is here to stay; well for 2013 fall and winter it is. In summer we would wear it as is, or even as a light jacket over a basic tee or tank. However for fall, the tables are turned, we use it as our basic. Layer a cardigan or cable knit sweater over top your denim button up. If you are more of a curvy woman, like myself, I suggest avoiding the cable knit laying, it’s far too bulky of a knit, stick with your cardigan and even cinch it with a skinny belt.

4. Old Navy – $27.94
Plaid has never looked so good. It’s one of those trends that comes and goes, but never really dies out. You can always get away with incorporating a little plaid into your wardrobe, but this fall is a total hit! Layer your plaids with other bold patterns, like polka dots, and even houndstooth. The louder the better. Have fun with plaid this fall, I promise you’ll love it just as much as your nana will.

5. Forever 21 – $10.80
One can never have too many scarves. A fabulous accessory to add to your fall wardrobe that you will wear again and again and again. Considering how affordable they are, I never say no to a scarf that catches my eye. And you shouldn’t either. A scarf is an accessory that can MAKE an entire ensemble come together.

6. H&M – $29.95
Big, boxy and chic. This is the description of your fall essentials handbag. Get it in black or even play with warm colors like burgundy, green, or grey. Make sure its structured and that it has all you need as far as interior pockets go. This will be your everyday bag. If you’re like me, it will need to act as a diaper bag in disguise. So seeings as this fall is deemed the bigger the better, us mama’s are in luck.

7. H&M – $12.95
A glove is something that we tend to forget about, just throwing a pair of .99 magic gloves in our purse as we rush out the door. I ask you to please, treat your fingers this fall, buy yourself a few pairs of gloves. I promise you the first time you reach for them in hopes of keeping warm, you will feel like the queen herself. Their is just something about a classic leather or wool glove that makes me feel fabulous when I slip them on.

8. H&M – $49.95
As the leaves start to change, we all start to get excited as to what we might see on the runway for fall footwear. Boots are always something I pay attention to as they are so stinkin’ chic. I love that this fall we are seeing a thicker heel, and a boxy structure to our boots. We see open toed booties, but here in Vancouver, that won’t last long. I say just go out, find a boot that suits you in style and color, are start walkin’. That’s what boots are made for aren’t they?

9. J. CREW – $138
Vests; they were here last fall, and they are here again; however this time a little more “in your face”. From bold patterns, like florals to stripes, and camouflage, to the cozy quilted look, and even a more masculine take with a utility vest. Any way that suits your style, incorporate vests this fall. Use it as a layering piece to kick your everyday ensembles up a notch. Everyone loves a warm addition to their wardrobe that comes in the form of a vest, I do anyways.

10. Old Navy – $27.94
A cardigan; the perfect go-to item when you are running out the door and are sporting a basic ensemble like jeans and a tea. These outfits can get some much needed style from a simple cardigan, and if you have another 10 seconds to spare, layered again with a vest. Giving warmth and style, it’s really a win win for anyone who, like me, own a 752 cardigans and counting. Hooray for not having to ditch the cardigans this fall.


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