FASHION: 3 must-have basics


The importance of a basic often goes unspoken; you see a basic should be considered your bff right inline with your elementary school bestie you shared snack packs with. They’re the ones you can count on to get you out of a fashion jam 365 days a year; the days you feel less that hot, they’ve got you covered. The mornings when time is not on your side, they will always pull through at the last minutes and the days that you would almost rather sleep away they have you looking and feeling you very best {considering}.

You should have these basics in your closet at all times, all seasons; simply changing shades, shapes and patterns.

BASIC TEE: This should be a cut that flatters you most, considering neckline and length. Changing the sleeve length and color based on the time of year. Long sleeve and three-quarter length for winter and fall in dark, earth and jewel tones, short and cap sleeves for spring and summer in light soft shades.

DARK WASH JEAN: With the only stipulation being that it’s a dark wash, change the fit as the seasons by go. Don’t follow a trend if it doesn’t work for your body, go with what feels good and the reflection you love most.

FLATS: Shoes that are easy to wear, easy to walk in and don’t ever have you choosing between beauty and comfort; this is what you look for in a basic shoe. Change its color, pattern and style based on the season, but whatever you do keep it flat and a simple style.



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  1. These basics are a must and they are comfortable!

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