FASHION: 3 ways to upgrade your mama uniform



We all have a uniform, an everyday ensemble that we gravitate towards, an outfit that needs no thought but still has us feeling like we fit into society {minus the accidental side pony}. You know what I’m talking about, jeans and a tee with you favorite sneakers; am I right? Today I’ve taken that look and given it an unexpected upgrade, you know the feeling, like when you check into your 10 hour red-eye flight to find out you’ve been moved to first-class without absolutely any begging {a feeling I have never felt, I’m sure it’s quite divine}. The Mama Uniform in my house is a distressed skinny jean, a graphic tee, a basic long necklace and studs, with a slip on converse sneaker. A lot of woman think that style is time consuming, mind numbing, and expensive; but it really doesn’t have to be. I’ve thrown together 3 different looks that are not only affordable, but on-point with this seasons trends, easy and comfortable to wear {even with busy toddlers}, and freakin’ cute!

What do you think, what’s your favorite upgrade?

Number 1, the faux fur statement, Number 2, the leather duo, or Number 3, the Lumber-Jack Plaid look? I’ll take look 3 for next Monday, look 2 for Tuesday, and look 3 for that Friday; please and thank you!


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  1. These all look cozy! Especially love the flanel shirt… but you probably could have guessed that 😉

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