FASHION: Bambi Beautiful


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It’s no joke I enjoy dressing Sofia as much as I do myself, and some days her more than I. Kids clothing is just so, fun, so carefree, it has absolutely no rules and I love that most about it. Their are many things I hope for, for Sofia, one of them is strength and bravery. I hope that she can walk to the beat of her own drum, be herself, love the skin she is in, and I hope she can inspire others to do the same.

Recently I found a new, and by new I mean new to me, children clothing retailer online that has me just smitten. Melijoe, it’s like my new hangout, I find myself there, dreaming up new mini ensembles for miss Sofia and her many playdates. Ha! I wish I had her social life, that and her way of acquiring new clothing {magically showing up in her closet, pre-washed and hung just so}. This look right now is just on point with not only our frame of mind, with Disney in May, but with our weather here in Vancouver. Almost warm enough for no sleeves but still a 4/7 weekly ratio of rainy days. Either way you look at it this look it one I know Sofia would be over the moon with, and if it came in my size I would be too.


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