FASHION: Crystal Clear

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{Old Navy Jeans // Target Shirt & Shoes // Necklace c/o Alison Storry}

Accessories are what makes me. If I didn’t have accessories I would just be the walking advertisement and serious supporter of jeans and a tee. 93% of the time this is the start to my outfits for the entire week, weekend are a different story, less fancy and more plaid pj pants with the only added accessory being a bra when company arrives.

My eyes are always hunting. Hunting for the perfect everyday necklace or the most adorable earrings or better yet a bracelet I can stack without suffocation. My neck, ears, and wrists can never get enough, much to the dismay of Sammy who probably feels like they are perfectly accessorized as is. Not this girl, MUST. HAVE. MORE.

Alison Storry Jewelry
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I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled across Alison Storry and her amazing talent. Seriously, check this woman out, when it comes to accessories she’s the real deal. Her etsy shop kills me, I dare you to go in with the thought of choosing just one. From these amazing agate slice necklaces, to these gorgeous gold cuff bracelets, to these dainty crystal earrings; I just can’t get enough of her designs. She has something for everyone and if you dare to disagree, then you must’have forgotten she makes custom pieces. The beauty and quality of her pieces just don’t match up to the cost, totally and completely affordable and this may or may not be why I have her etsy shop bookmarked. You need an Alison Storry piece in your collection, if you appreciate accessories even a fraction of how much I do, you just do {sign up to her newsletter and get 10% off your first order}.


Alison is the most free-spirited chic mom you’ve never heard of. She has traveled the world from South Asia to South America, drawing inspiration from nature and her travels and transferring it to her beautiful bohemian pieces. Each item is breathtakingly unique as she uses natural stones thus making her jewelry exude personality and becoming much more than something shiny for women to wear. She started out as an actress but found her calling, designing jewelry for over 20 years and having her pieces being sold at Saks.


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