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If I am known for something, let it be my unlimited combinations of Jeans and a Tee. I could style a basic Jean and Tee for days, months, years even — I say this with every ounce of honesty I have left in my body; considering I’m writing this at midnight on a Thursday while both baby and husband are counting sheep — I got absolutely nothing to lie about right now folks.

…it’s not about what size you wear, it’s about how you wear your size.

Jeans and a Tee are my “go to”, my “staple”, my “holy crap someones at the door” look that I can perfect in a matter of minutes. Let me tell you how it’s done. Ensure your wardrobe is stocked with at least 3 pairs of your very favorite jeans; with one of them being a dark wash, one light and finally one that’s current trend-worthy. As for Jelly in our Peanut Butter and Jelly combo; the t-shirt. Stock up and do it cheaply. Choose wisely, make it beyond flattering, and for me that means a v-neck and hangs perfectly loose; stock up in all the right shades from black to grey to white and any seasonal colors. Keep it simple, no crazy pattern, a few words if you wish, a horse head, a dog butt, whatever speaks to you… simple is key.

It’s the accessories that make these ensembles shine. My very favorite thing next to pinching Sofia’s chubb is pairing Jeans and a Tee with a glamorous necklace. I seriously drool over a well combined casual chic duo. Hat? Yes please! Arm Party? Why not! Bold Belt? Whatever toots your horn! Accessories are your way to pulling a basic look into a head-turner. Who would’ve though Jeans and a Tee could be so damn fancy?!


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