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You know me, I’m all about my accessories, especially when it comes to statement pieces. However these styles of necklaces are very trendy, and therefore extremely seasonal; and this is why when I buy statement pieces like a bib necklace, my main criteria after it’s beauty is affordability. I found Max & Chloe, an online accessory retailer, than not only sells affordable accessories, but satisfies my statement necklace cravings again and again and again and again {okay, you get it}. If you don’t already know of them, you should, and if you do, it’s a reminder to you that you need to go back and stock up for your Spring wardrobe while they are having a sale.

While 2 of these necklaces come in under $40 the other will cost you a small fortune. $3,000 is not something I would like to miss a mortgage payment over, although very beautiful, I doubt our banker will go for it.

Tell me, when it comes to statement necklaces, do you save or splurge?


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  1. All great statement pieces…. but if I had to pick only one …..I love the one on the left with the dark purple stones….. my guess it would be the $3000.

  2. These are gorgeous! I definitely save when it comes to jewelry and accessories.

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