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I figure I’d break away from some Baby Room DIY and give you some “treat your feet” to a Fashion DIY. Made these a little while back and featured them on an old Blog of mine called LahTeaDah. However I knew you ladies would appreciate this post too, so why not share right?

My whole life I have been DIY’ing, I just normally dont take photos of my every step. Since this year, I’m all about dreaming and do’ing vs dreaming and dreaming – I bring you this “do it yourself” Shoe Accessories. Take it as inspiration and make your own, if this doesn’t get your juices flowing, I just don’t now what will. 

Only Kidding… Have Fun!

PS: My take on DIY is a bit different as my ideas change quite a bit on the process so what I start out doing is never what the final product looks like – so bare with the change of plans as the photos go on. For the most part I hope you can get inspiration from what I do – Im not very good and following rules. 

Take your Stiff Ribbon and Glue/Reserve Sticky inside your Steed Material

Folding over the edges to form 1 long Stiff Tweed Strip
Cut into 2 even strips – the last time I looked you had 2 ankles and not 1

Now create 2 circles out of the strips you just created – these will now be pinched in the center and made into a bow
I pinched the center by taking a Thread and Needle weaving in and out about 4cm apart so I could just simply pull the bottom and crimp it all together – forming a bow.

I took scrap leather from an old belt and covered the sewing to form a center point

I be-dazzled it with some scrap gold chain and a little charm that I found at a Vintage Shop

I then cut two strips from the Leather and attached the centers to the backside of the Bows – this would be what I will tie around my ankles. 
…and whala…. my Shoe Accessories!
I think they make a plain black pump – Fabulous!


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