FASHION: Double Duty Dress

SHOP THE LOOK// Dress  –  Hat  –  Necklace  –  Sandals  –  Glasses


If a dress can be worn in 2 ways, front and back, it’s really like 2 dresses right? So at a price of $145 {on sale from $300} it’s almost like I’m buying 2 dresses at $73 each, right? I know my logic will make complete sense to you, and so it should, but others *cough Sammy cough* may not see it like we do.

This dress is beautiful, and I feel it would be quite happy hanging in my closet, however 2 factors are keeping me from pulling the trigger. One, it’s black and well I own about 29 other long black dresses in my current circulation, and two, let’s be honest bra-less is just not possible for this girl. Until some genius comes up with a way to hold them up without any visible back straps I’m sorta stuck. Dresses with beautiful backs have always drew me in, I think it’s because I can’t have them; you know? The heart wants what it can’t have…

Now, I know there are some of you out there that can and will make this dress their own, so I will style it just as I would if I could call it mine! Straight from the cocktail dresses at Shopbop I bring you a look like none other, and if you need a little help with convincing the other-half, you’re welcome to use me logic above. GOOD LUCK with that!


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