FASHION: His & Her “People Footwear” Style

IMG_0384 TPeopleFootwear IMG_0338 IMG_0346 SPeopleFootwear

HERS: Old Navy Tank & Jeans // Charlotte Russe Shirt // Shoes c/o People Footwear // Citrus Silver Necklace
HIS: Old Navy Shorts // Target Shirt // Shoes c/o People Footwear

Get ready to add shoes onto your weekly monthly dusting routine. For real people, the comfort of these babies will have you leaving your current shoe collection in the dust, literally. You won’t wanna wear anything else as far as I’m concerned, so my suggestion is, get 2 pairs, 1 in a fun color (like I’ve done above)and 1 in a neutral, white or black.

Sammy and I are casual dressers 98% of the time, with the other 2% of our wardrobes only coming out on special occasions. You know what I’m talkin’ bout, Weddings and other events that don’t accept jeans as a dress code. These two looks are pretty much us, as easy to put together as they’re to wear. It’s funny, because over the 10 long years that we’ve been together (only half kidding) both our styles have changed drastically. Not in the sense of trends, because of course that has changed, but in our overall style. Yes we had a child and that will defiantly do it, but so will a partner, without even knowing it. Just as you begin to pick up mannerism or slang words they use, style comes along with it without knowledge. I can often pick out couples in a crowd based solely on their style. This is love and since we’re on the topic…

Can I just say how much I loved that Sammy got in on the fun this time around? He’s usually the one behind the lens, but not this week. Sammy got all posey with me yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited about seeing his sweet mug on the site in this way. Let’s take a moment and just go over how stinkin’ handsome he is and how grateful I am that he agreed to this! For real, this type of his and her styled shoots should totally happen more often? Am I right?


At People Footwear we always look ahead. Ahead to where it’s lighter, brighter and way more comfortable. Ahead to figure out how we can make the greatest footwear with the most far–out materials and futuristic techniques.

We are believers. We trust in human beings to accomplish incredible things. (just think of all the amazing stuff people have done already.) So what will the future be like? How will people evolve, learn and grow in the next five years? In the next 50 years? What crazy thing will people do in the next fifteen minutes?

These are the questions that keep us moving. One foot in front of the other. It’s what drives our creativity and sparks our imagination. It’s the reason we make the most forward–thinking footwear on the planet. Onward we step.


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