FASHION: How to CROP this Summer!


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I like to think we can wear anything our heart desires, and this my friends is why I am always on the hunt for ways to make trends work for me (and not against). The past 2 years I have been able to pull off the ever-so-sexy crop top successfully and this is why I wanted to revisit the topic. A little crop top 101 is you will, a nice little reminder on how one with killer curves can pull together a classy look with a crop top.

Finding the perfect tight dress is really the hard part. For me I like to make sure it hits me just so, below the knee about 2 inches, and it must have either a scoop or v-neck. It should be sleeveless giving the most for versatility and it should never ever break the bank. I found this one today through H&M’s Basics collection, and think I’ll have to grab one in each color this weekend. Next you want to find a boxy crop, a top that hangs away from the body just slightly and ideally with a dainty and feminine detail. Put the two together, pair it with some basic accessories and espadrilles and you’re golden.

Length is the key when you are looking for the proper tight crop. Giving yourself ample coverage is important necessary to ensure you won’t spend the day tugging it down to it’s proper place again. Next you’ll want to pair it with the perfect high-waist midi. Something with a bit of volume to it, whether in it’s fabric naturally or built in with a pleat of sorts this is a must. Pair this look with some heavier accessories and a pump and you’re set.

So long as you stick to the ratio you will be forever classy in a crop this Summer. What’s the equation you wonder? It’s really quite simple, 1tight:1loose. If the top is tight then the bottoms must always hang away from the body, be loose. And if the top is loose then the bottoms can hug those curves like we like them too, the tighter the better.


WILL YOU be cropping with class this Summer?


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