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The other night I was dangerously surfing the net. Pretending that I was actually successful in growing a money tree and adding large lump sum of clothing to my cart; you all know what I’m talkin’ about. Nothing good every comes of this, nothing, UNTIL TONIGHT. I stumbled across a site I’d never actually shopped, real or pretend. I made it only one section before I had to stop, this was going to get ugly, the credit card company was going to be praising my name while Sammy was going to be cursing it.

So, let me introduce you to Chic Wish, a online apparel company that will BLOW YOUR MIND, not only in pieces but in prices. As you can see here I hit the motherload of midi’s on their site, this is where I just had to stop. I need them all people, I’m serious here, none of these fit in the want column, I can’t see my life without them. What is one to do when this happens? Help?!


TELL ME was I the first to introduce you to Chic Wish? #sorrynotsorry Have you spent your life savings like I have yet? I’m tellin’ you the site will make you broke, but of so beautiful!

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  1. Very cute… I have a similar one to the second midi 🙂
    But I love, love, loveeee no.4…! Buy them all, I say… YOLO right?!!

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