FASHION: or lack thereof’

20160118_105817You know why you don’t see weekly fashion posts here? Oh! Let me list the ways;

  1. Some days I don’t get out of my pajamas (don’t say you don’t do it).
  2. I’m not always fashionable, hard to believe, unless of course you caught me at Starbucks this morning.
  3. Sometimes laundry doesn’t make the priority list that week, not my basket anyways.
  4. Our home has horrible lighting for photographs, straight up!
  5. The weather sometimes plays mean and I just can’t get outside to take photographs (see excuse 4 for backup)

Monday outfits are all about quick comfort because for me (and many others) they’re work days. I literally roll out of bed and put all my efforts into little Miss Sofia. From brushing her hair, getting her dressed, and packing a bag with a change of clothing, her jammies and cozy, including a few toys that she wants tagging along for the exciting day. We rush out the door, kissing Sam on the way out, grab a breakfast from a drive-thru and make it to my parents house before 9am. This is where we part ways, I go into my parents dining room where I close myself in, sliding glass doors on both ends, mum steeps my a cup of tea and I hunker down until dinner. I plug away at at my inbox for the first half of the day and spend the second half putting together content for the site for the week ahead. 

Harem Pants by Target, Basic Tee by Forever 21+, Sock by Joe Fresh

Sofia on the other hand, when she walks through that front door she has only one thing on her mind. She heads straight for the living room which is stocked with two overflowing toy. She begins to put together ideas on how her and mums day will unfold, from Lego mazes, to crying dolls and pipe-cleaner crafts, almost always concluding with a dance party; it’s quite the fun filled day. 

My Mondays are beyond productive including beyond fashionable, and I’m totally okay with that . They give my week ahead a sense of direction and me some sanity, and for that (and my mama) I am forever grateful. Life isn’t always fancy name brands and flawless make-up application; not mine anyways. I love sharing the good days, but I will also gladly share those that are less than perfection, as a reminder…

…just because I choose to share my life online doesn’t mean I’m only sharing the good times (or staged), I vowed into this like I did my marriage, in good times and bad, sickness and health, fashionable and not!

Happy Tuesday from my comfortable-threads to yours!



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