FASHION: Outerwear by 6KS


I feel like I just hit the jackpot, playing the outerwear lottery, and won big! Look at these 5 coats, I wan’t them all, and honestly I could easily have them all at this price {$209 for all 5 for those doing the math – you’re welcome}. But seriously, virtually run, don’t walk over to 6KS now because they have some amazing pieces for ridiculous prices. We’re not just talking coats, but tops, dresses, and sweaters, 6KS has changed my life all in a matter of minutes. Drastic right? Hello! Young & the Restless called and they are asking for their drama back!

What are you still doing here? Go! Now!
OH WAIT! Don’t forget to use code sas15 to get 15% off your outerwear purchases. Ha! It keeps getting better and better ‘eh?!

OKAY… Now go!



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  1. Lol “young and restless called and they’re asking for their drama back” this made me laugh because I originally thought it said “young and reckless called (a clothing brand) and want their drama (the designers name) back!”

    Anyhow, that middle jacket is fab!

  2. Oh my gosh, I really need the one in the middle! How have I never heard of this store before?

  3. OMG the one in the middle!!!!

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