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Have you heard? Their is a company putting the word convenience in buying and selling children clothing. Yup! You heard here first my friends. Today, I’m bringing you all the deets on Perfect Threads.

A company that is doing good for not only families, but close communities in need. So the idea behind Perfect Threads is, you request a free clothing bag, you receive the bag, you fill the bag, you send the bag for free to Perfect Threads, they inspect the clothing and give you a credit for each item, and go online to Perfect Threads and either buy more, or donate your credit to charity. Seriously the concept is flawless. Genius really. I love this. And I love that someone is putting this idea to concept so that families can easily exchange {if you will} outgrown clothing for new threads. Perfect Threads.

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The cool part to me is how their donations works. So let’s say that you are sending your clothing in but do not wish to gain credits to shop for more clothing, simply sending in to donate. Perfect Threads receives the clothing, they sort them per quality grade, just like all their other clothing, and then when they are posted on their site, they are marked as “donated”. Any customer that purchases these items, will know that the net proceeds of the item they just bought will be donated to charity (donations $20 or more receive a tax receipt}. Seriously. HOW COOL IS THAT?



I’m just so beyond happy that I was able to share Perfect Threads with you all, I truly feel they are making a mark here in Canada. Taking consignment to the next level, making it obtainable and convenient for everyone. Well done Perfect Threads. The world thanks you… and so do I!

Perfect Threads was nice enough to give Little Miss Mama readers a special deal on their first orders.
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