FASHION: Ready for fall yet?


…I know I am!

Don’t hate me because I said it, hate me because I am making you like the idea that cooler days are ahead. Tell me you don’t actually look forward to the Fall and Winter months thanks to this ONE ENSEMBLE? Ha! Take that Summer! This year we welcome the days of rain and snow with open ass arms, fashionable arms!

Crazy how much I love the cooler months, I mean I am from Canada and all, where the cold months get below zero, and wearing a parka and moccasins are not based on a fashion trend but a life altering must, a MUST STAY ALIVE tactic. Ha! Hello, drama! It’s really doesn’t get THAT cold here in Vancouver, but cold enough to need to bundle up at night on the couch; and these are my favorite nights.



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  1. Where might I find a similar flannel button down such as that for a little cheaper?? Old Navy perhaps? It all looks so cozy!

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one, I always look forward to Fall fashions! Great pieces.

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