FASHION: #RockTheCrop Movement

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I posted this to Facebook the other day but felt like it needed far more attention that just a social media rant share. You guys! Can you believe it? Body shaming is still something that goes on in 2015? People still feel the need to judge others choice of clothing solely based on their body type. I’m mean it’s like we’re all in elementary school and our parents still have control over our wardrobes and just how much skin is appropriate.

Why is this still happening? And of all people, why did Oprah let this happen in the pages of her magazine?

Q: Can I pull of a crop top?
A: If (and only if!) you have a flat stomach feel free to try one.

First things first, I wanna know more about this Adam Glassman, creative director at O Magazine. Can someone tell who made him royalty? If he even knew an ounce about fashion, he would know there are no rules. Clothing is what you put on your body, but style, that’s what comes from within. It’s called confidence Adam, and with articles written with such ignorance like yours, you’re teaching those young mold-able minds that there are boundaries based completely on the tags that sit inside our clothing. You’re teaching them that they’re judged based on there size, that they can’t wear something without being ridiculed because society has deemed perfection a size 0. What you have proven to me in one mere sentence, 14 words mind you, that you know no where near enough about fashion and style to be writing an article in the pages of any magazine.

Adam Glassman, I can only hope that with all this negative social attention you’re getting from your “so-called” helpful style advice, that just maybe you’ve had your very own “ah-ha” moment your boss talks so much about. Let’s hope that moment comes quick…

I can tell you this much, I will not abide by your rules Mr. Glassman, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that my daughter feels comfortable in her own skin beyond what you and the other moronic people who think like you do. I will make sure this movement continues steam rolling along as it has over the last few weeks because it needs to, and deserve to. It took only one to notice your armature mistake (thank you Tamar Anitai) but it’s going to take a whole lot more to stop what we have going… #RockTheCrop!


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