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Shopping online can be daunting at the best of times. From uncertainty on fit, quality, and true shade, it’s no wonder a lot just decide to buy in-store. I personally choose to shop online for I stick with designers I know and love, and trusting in return or exchange policies. However ShopStyle Canada is making it making it stress free for those who opt for avoiding online shopping with the introduction of product reviews. You can now shop all your favorite stores and designers with the added bonus of hearing what others have to say about it.

Was it a true fit? Did it fit snug or big?
Was the quality what you were expecting?
Was the color exact;y how you saw it online?

With ShopStyles latest feature, you can get all these questions answered an more, before you take a leap and purchase online. So for those of you who had any sort of worries before, get ready to save, because online shopping is where it’s at when you want designer diggs at an affordable price. It makes me gitty inside to think what type of world this is opening for those of you who have feared online purchases.

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With the launch of ShopStyle Canada’s product reviews, comes a fabulous Giveaway. Have you chance at winning $1,000 visa gift card via POPSUGAR and ShopStyle with every product review you write. It’s that simple. Head on over to ShopStyle and find products that you have purchased {instore or online}, items that you have an opinion on, and write a review. Easy peasy! I’ve gone on an actually rated my last 10 purchases from shoes, to jeans, and even a birthday gift from the man, a fancy Cuisinart Tea Kettle.

It’s really simple, but the best part about it is, I know I will set a shoppers mind at ease with my review. Someone who is weary of clicking the “buy now” button, with fear that it won’t be all that it’s cracked up to be. That’s pretty awesome I’d say. Priceless!



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