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I feel like their are so many fashion retails out there {not complaining}, I just fear that sometimes the best ones slip through the cracks and get looked past; or worst, never known about. Suzy Shier has a special place in my heart, for one it was my first retail job, worked there about 3 years, loved them so much I gave them all the money I ever earned there in lieu of clothing {retailing jobs are bitter sweet}.

Suzy Shier
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Suzy Shier carried trendy clothing, and by this I mean they are on point with their seasonal trends, however at a fraction of the cost you would see it elsewhere. If you have read any of my shopping tips, you  might recall that I am all about buying into trends afford-ably, while spending most of my money on classic timeless pieces. This is why Suzy Shier is so important, and I fear they’ve slipped through your fingers and I wan’t to make sure I bring them to you; if not as a reminder to go see what they are offering this season, then as an introduction to your newest addiction. #yourewelcome


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  1. I always thought that suzy shier carried cheap, crap clothing, hence I have not stepped inside in years. How do they match to H&M? Also, forever 21 is so hard to shop at because I get lost in a sea of clothing and have no idea what to choose for my body type! Maybe you could be a personal shopper Tairalyn?

    • Tairalyn says:

      Goodness me no! Isn’t it funny how we get this idea in our heads and run with it….
      Kelly, do yourself a favor and go into a Suzy Shier the next time you’re around them, I promise you’ll find not only on-point pieces but at a quality that will live up to any H&M piece and hands down a Forever21 piece. No word of a lie, I still have cardigans from Suzy Shier that I bought there when I was working {we’re talking 12+ years ago}.

      Forever21 I DON’T shop in, instore, this is an online shop only for me. Too much going on in the store, I like to streamline things and not flip through a rounder trying to desperately find my size.

      Personal Shopper you say?! My husband would love the idea of retail therapy at no cost to us!


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