FASHION: What I Wore {The Sparkle Project}

sparkle-4964 sparkle-4980 sparkle-5033 sparkle-4992

TOP eluxe
SKIRT beautulleful
GLASSES forever 21
NECKLACE max & chloe
SHOES sam edelman {another favorite}

This outfit, these photos, they are all me. Obviously you knew that at first glance, but what I really mean is they capture me, who I really am, the best out of any photos taken. I’m honest, caring, sensitive, and loving {I’ve cried over spilt milk, literally}; I live a life how I imagine it should be, wear what I feel beautiful in, and try my hardest to see the comedy show in everything. I love to laugh, to make other laugh, and naturally keep my mouth wide open while I do it {they apparently make for the best photos}. For I am real; a woman that lives an honest life, with real life struggles. Body image, self love and acceptance, and finding her place within this wild world, I choose to always come out on top, shining the best way I know how, pretending to be nobody, and only being myself. This is why I am proudly apart of The Sparkle Project:

The Sparkle Project B.C., an initiative to help young girls find their passion. Through two hour workshops, merchandise with a message, an inspirational theme song/ music video , a blog and a supportive community, Kristal aims to teach goal-setting and self-esteem building techniques to girls between the ages of 8 and 17. A handbook entitled Sparkle, will accompany the launch this fall and feature local success stories from Victoria Duffield, Erin Cebula, Jillian Harris, Fiona Forbes, Dawn Chubai, Tamara Taggert and more. The proceeds will fund bursaries for young women who need financial assistance in pursuing their dreams and goals.

//makeup by l’nielle joy, photographs by kim mallory studios


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  1. I am a fan of tutu skirt 😛 and you look good in your outfit 😛 beautiful smile 🙂


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