FASHION: Who wore it better?


I giggled as I put these two images together. Giggled and smiled at the serious similarities we have, when put side by side in front of my eyes. This is a serious head-to-head fashion battle folks. I can’t help put poke fun at all the celebrity news sites that put up two people, wearing the same designer item, with the question “who wore it better?” As if to throw one of these celebrities under the bus, allowing total strangers to get malicious over their style. Yikes! Not a situation I would ever want to find myself in… UNTIL TODAY!

Tell me lovelies “who wore it best”?



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  1. Colleen K says:

    …Sorry but the little lady to the right wins 100% !!!

  2. She wins!! But it’s only cause her mama taught her how!!! 😉 xooxox

  3. Both are amazing! Tie please!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Little one is a winner but her mamma is a superstar

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