FASHION: You’re the SPRING to my step!


We’ve have 3 solid days of sun and I’m just smitten. This streak of weather has me finally believing mother nature that it’s actually Spring. I hit the closet last night and started to weed out the winter wear {no gardening pun intended} and move in my pastels, florals, and dare I say it…. shorts!

If you would ask me what I’m most excited for this Spring, I would gladly sit you down and chat your ear off about my favorite shades of blues and pinks, including my recent obsession with slip-on’s, and of course the ease of making a Spring time kimono. I’ll save you the awkward interruption you’ll have to go through in stopping me from literally stealing you from your sleep. In the comfort of your own homes, here is all I’ve been crushing on for Spring fashion this year…

Kimono’s// any kimono is a friend of mine, including this one via Nordstrom
Converse// the beauty and ease of chucks and jeans is everything via Natalie Dressed
Skin Baring// baring skin tastefully, oh god how much I love this via posthaus
Midi-Skirt// this midi, that midi, any midi, I can’t get enough. This one found on Pinterest
White Jeans// whiteout. That is all, fab look via GabiFresh
Jean Jackets// the 90’s called, they want’t there jacket back! The perfect spring jacket via Forever 21


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