Fashionable day at the Aquarium

When a mother plans a day out with her children, it goes far deeper than buying tickets. From transportation, to enough drinks and snacks, to diaper changes and possible clothing swaps, to the perfect timing based on naps, and of course comfortable clothing that allows one to always be on her “a-game”.

I decided to plan a date for our little family on the Friday before the new Family Day Holiday. My husband gets Friday’s off, and we knew that if their was over-time to be had, we wanted to snap it up. I planned a morning out at The Vancouver Aquarium, for Sammy, Sofia, and I. The plans started with an 8am alarm to ensure we were all fed, showered, presentable and the door by 9am, so that when the Aquarium opened, and the fish woke, we would be there with bells on. It’s too bad that every other vancouverite had my same idea in mind. GAH! So busy, I’m sure thanks to their newest exhibit, Sharks and Stingrays…yet still so much fun.

Dressing for a day out with a fast moving toddler, can be similar to perfecting the sunnyside-up egg. Quite often over-done, ending with a disappointing hot-mess. Here are a few tips on how to Dress fashionable, yet comfortable, for a day out with children. 

1. Wear a Stretch Skinny Jean, Jeggings, or Leggings. 
*easy to move swiftly in and on point with winter/fall trends
2. Choose a top with length
*bending and squatting will be in abundance as it always is with children, so although your lace panties are adorable, the entire city doesn’t need to weigh in on the decision
3. Bring a Cardigan and a Jacket
*nothing worst than to be too hot or too cold while with children, bring options for both
4. Wear flat shoes or boots
*for obvious reason, wear a shoe that’s comfortable and sturdy. I also like to go bold, if your wee one gets lost, looking back through a sea of legs they will pick your shoes out quickly.  
5. Hair up, and accessorized
*out of the way of little hands and pulled back to avoid beauty disasters and frustration   
6. Large Purse
*choose your largest you own, and make sure their is room for little peoples jackets, and husbands shades. As a mother you are the “holder of all things”

FOREVER 21 top
FOREVER 21 jeans
FOREVER 21 jacket
SUZY SHIER bracelet



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