Fashionable Paws… What do you think?

Louboutin’s Lion Paw Heels are the latest to hit the Celebrity Trend. What do you think? I’m impartial at the moment. Paired causally, like Blake Lively has done, I think is fun, Sarah Jessica on the other hand, I believe took it to a level that I would not personally attempt. Having said all that, style is personal beauty, and if SJP looks in the mirror and smiles at the reflection in content, then “paw-gone-it” she should strut confidently in a red evening gown with them $5,000 paws.




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  1. I think I would have to pass on these unless I got them for free or $50! They kinda scare me!

  2. I hear yah! I wouldn’t pay the price tag of $5,000 but if I got them as a gift – I’d sport them!


  3. They look cute! I wouldn’t wear them as formal though. Sexy halloween cat, now that’s another thing xD I think they look better on BLs feet though.

  4. Love your Sweater dress you look adorable!!! O those yellow pumps look amazing!!! I now need them….

  5. Um… I don’t even want to say what I think about those.

  6. I think those shoes are really funny as long as they’re not really made of lion 😉


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