Fashionably Pregnant: Emma Bunton

We may better know Emma as Baby Spice, however these days she is more like Baby Mama. With 2 Children of her own, Beau Lee Jones born on August 7th, 2007 and Tate Jones born May 6th, 2011, I find her style is very contemporary, safe {and I mean this in the best way possible}, classy and almost a little posh like. I’d have to say she is my most favorite Spice Girl, however I was not much of a fan.

From what I could find, her maternity style lacked a whole lot of color, however this is only said with what I could get my hands on. Her style I can still appreciate and also compliment, not that I could say that about many of those other “seasoning” girls. Put some clothes on ladies…  



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  1. I love Baby Spice’s style. I find it’s more doable for the “real” world.
    I especially love the lace dress in the second picture!

  2. She looks adorable! I love her. I was such a fan of the Spice Girls when I was younger haha! I was her one year for Halloween 🙂

    Following your cute blog!

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