Fashionably Pregnant: Kourtney Kardashian

Whatever corner it is you turn, your always going to find News Flashes about the Kardashians. Good or Bad I think they love it all. They love the attention no matter how other portray them…at least this is what is seems most of the time. Kourtney’s Mama Style is by far the closest thing to my own that I can find., she loves to accessorise and wear similar attire to that of which she wore pre-baby….just a smidgen larger. As for me, I do the same, and I won’t lie – I still try and fit in many of my Pre-Baby clothing with great success {in those that are made with lycra}. 

Who’s Pregnancy attire do you love, and see yourself most in?


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  1. Thanks for adding me! Very sweet of you to email me letting me know.

    Don’t we all wish we could look like this while pregnant.

  2. I hated being pregnant! But I love the babies! These are awesomely cute outfits and you shouldn’t expect anything less from the Kardashians! Love love the blog! 🙂

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