Fashionably Pregnant: Victoria Beckham

We know that in the past Victoria Beckham has had her bout of unattractive attire, I have never agree with the concept if you “got it, flaunt it” – however while she is growing babies, I find her Fashion to be Conservative, Edgy and down-right Gorgeous! She creates all her outfits so effortless-ly however they look so damn brilliant. Love her and her Pregnancy 8″ Heels. One question if I may…. Victoria, what happens if this summer you end up with Kankles… Then what? Will you continue to sport the LouBoutin?

Anyone else here prefer Pregnancy Fashion on some Celebrities than their usual?

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  1. Oh good Gawd. Can’t she pay to make her boobies look real?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ohmygoodness if you look close enough you can see the serial numbers on her implants!! She does, however, make a beautiful preggers mama!! 🙂

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  4. i like her clothes line. but oh, my…. could she smile every now and then???

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