Best Father’s Day Gifts {are free}


It’s going to take you a little more time than say building him a new BBQ or cleaning up after an afternoon of daddy DIY’s but if you ask Sammy, he will tell you this is by far his most cherished Father’s Day Gifts he’s ever recieved. 

I had this wild plan in my head to make Sammy a video with Sofia for Father’s Day, but I had to wait for the perfect moment in time. That moment that she started to talk, make decisions of her own (not necessarily good ones) and had her own opinions (oh… the opinions!). Sofia was 3 and it was only a few weeks until Father’s Day, I’d wait for Sammy to leave for work and I would set Sofia up with her breakfast and ask a question about her daddy. I would keep it to about 1 or 2 questions a day so to not “lose” her and kept it very simple.

OH MY GOODNESS, the cuteness that is this video. 

I edited it on Windows Movie maker which is CRAZY EASY to use, added in some free music, a few video transitions, some home videos from our phones and called it a day! He cried. We cried. It was the all sorts’ of emotions that Father’s Day and will forever go down in history as the best gift ever!

I cannot wait to do this with Stella! Hands down these video’s are the BEST Father’s Day Gifts ever! What will your kids be getting daddy for Father’s Day this year?



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