FEATURE: 3 Reasons To Fist Pump Your Breast Pump


I’m a firm believer in fed is best, no matter how you do it! Breast… GREAT, Formula… FANTASTIC, a combination of both… BRILLIANT! I’ve never fully understood why one would give the evil eye to someone feeding their child whichever way it maybe; I mean you don’t know how or why this decision was made and for that matter nor do you have a right. And because I feel like “those evil’eyein’ people” are no readers of mine, I’m going to share how we’re choosing to feed baby Stella Grace.

SIDE STORY// We found out Sofia Marie was lactose intolerant early on, by 4 weeks old we will 100% formula fed. I wanted so badly to breastfeed however this wasn’t an option for me, for us, it wasn’t what was best for Sofia. After she was diagnosed by our naturopath she recommended I begin to pump and freeze the my milk so that we could attempt at a future date to slowly wean her back onto dairy and in theory kick the dairy sensitivity to the curb. Determined, I hunted down and bought the Medela Swing Breast Pump back in 2011 and began on my first selfless journey as a mother. I pumped every single day, numerous times a day, including waking up in the middle of the night to pump and I did this for 6 months. Thankfully our plan was a success with Sofia and we no longer avoid dairy, but this doesn’t mean I wasn’t preparing myself for Stella’s arrival, possibly coming along with her own breast feeding struggles

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Maybe Stella would be born with the same sensitive tummy like her big sister, or maybe not, maybe she would Breastfeed perfectly or she may come along with her own set of feeding struggles; either way I wanted to be prepared this time. Sticking with what we know and love we went with a Medela however we upgraded to a duel pump; the Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump and let me tell you it rocks my milking world.

Now let’s get back to why mothers’ everywhere should own a Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump…


BONDING MOMENTS; all thanks to being able to pass the duty of baby feeding. This doesn’t only create the PERFECT photo opportunity (amirite?!) but it allows for a special bonding experience for siblings, dads and partners. I mean, if the saying is true “food is the direct route to someones heart” then owning a Breast Pump is really just another way to keep your family connected. It’s moments like these that they will cherish and hold dear… it’s also moments like these that will able you in actually finishing a full cup tea in a state that it was meant to be enjoyed… piping hot!


GETTING OUT WITH EASE; as I know this may not ring true for everyone, most definitely not for Janet Jackson, but I’m not even the slightest bit comfortable breast feeding in public. A Breast Pump gives me the luxury of being able to bring a supply with me while going out, which saves me a great deal of stress and of course removes any chance of a possible nip-slip while grocery shopping. I’ve yet to master a graceful breast feed on-the-go and frankly have given up trying, with the Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump however I’m able to bottle 10 oz during a 20-minute hands-free pumping session, which can give me an afternoon out running errands with ease. You know what it can also give me, it can give me a much needed mani-pedi by allowing me to get out of the house leaving the milk and baby with Sammy. #buhbye


BIGGER SUPPLY; the more baby wants, the more you’ll produce (pretty easy concept ‘eh?). You know how to make a baby mad? Put them on the boob when they’re not hungry or better yet trying to sleep. I doubt anyone wants to listen to a crying baby anymore than they have to so keep baby happy and buy a Breast Pump to increase your supply. Pump after a few day-time feeds and first thing in the morning and before you know it your freezer will be stocked with liquid gold and you will be on a first-name basis with Fernando the masseur at your local spa. 


These are just 3 reasons why buying a Medela Breast Pump is a good idea (that and why you should be fist pumping your breast pump), I could really go on and on, but something tells me you’re not going to disagree with me on this one. 



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Disclosure:: I created this blog post as a paid ambassador with Medela and PTPA. As always, all opinions are my own and I’m sharing them along with my advice because I genuinely love this product.


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