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Drop the pickles and chocolate because you’re not going to wan’t to miss this feature. Even though I am not carrying a babe in my tummy, does NOT mean I cannot appreciate and give thanks to a designer who wants nothing more than to see pregnant woman feeling and looking their very best. Let me introduce you to Fourth Love.

Susan is the founder of Fourth Love, a NYC-based maternity line focused on delivering comfort and versatility for the changing body of the expectant woman. Fourth Love launched in 2012 after the birth of Susan’s second son Cole. Susan has always had an interest in fashion but also wanted the flexibility to spend more time with her growing family. The company mostly sources and manufactures in the heart of Garment District in NYC, and is proud to support local economy. At the heart of Fourth Love, there are social causes that are transforming lives and providing pre-natal support and education for many women who do have the means today. Since launching the brand, Fourth Love has been featured on media outlets like The Today Show, Daily Candy, American Baby, Disney and others. Prior to fashion, Susan spent 12 years in advertising where she managed media investments for Fortune 500 brands. 

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I think what I love MOST about Fourth Love is the way her pieces are transitional, like that of a woman’s body. These pieces go from pre-prenancy, to during, and post. This isn’t the norm when it comes to maternity fashion, and this is what I found was my biggest issue what I was pregnant. I couldn’t vouch for spending our hard earned money on clothing from local maternity stores that were specific to hosting a pregnant woman’s tummy. Although very handy at that exact point and time, I would be done with it forever after a few months had passed. Not the best investment I’d say.

Fourth Love proves their pieces are not only gorgeous but perfect for a woman who wants quality pieces to last their fashionable lifetime. Let me show you lovelies. Take this “date-night off the shoulder top” and this “classic polka dot blouse” for instance. These pieces can easily take a woman from pre, during, and post baby. Genius really!


Now let’s just play a little game here. IF I were pregnant, or IF I were planning on getting pregnant anytime soon, then I think I might just go on a Fourth Love shopping spree. If you’re wondering what I might choose to add to my “growing belly” wardrobe, it would no doubt be the “classic v-neck dress“, the “leather sleeved shirt“, “the perfect blouse” {which I may add is on sale right now}, and the “j’adore leather dress“.

Tell me lovelies, what are some of your favorite pieces from the Fourth Love collection?




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