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Growing up my mother hung to her camera as tightly as she did her purse; capturing all our families magical moments. As a child I used to dodge the lense from time to time {ask my mother and I’m sure she’ll agree}, yet I was the first to ask to look at them after the film was developed. Could I ever thank her enough? Never. Do I look back at these images? Often. Reliving emotions from the past that were heart warming, exciting, and magical. Now, as a mother myself, I craves captured memories, and I think we all know where this came from. I can’t even begin to tell you how passionate I am about photos but by no means do I consider myself a professional photographer, not even an armature. What I am is someone who loves to freeze a moment in time and take it with me; filling my walls with images of cherished memories and looking back at moments that flew right past us.

MY CAMERA SITUATION :: Currently the camera I’ve been using was borrowed; a dear friend of mine lent me her camera that she was not longer putting to good use in her photography business *three cheers for success and upgrades in equipment*. I knew their would come a day where I would have to give it back and this day was one that I had dreaded. I had been doing my research more and more as the time passed hoping to find the perfect camera for me and my needs. I have flip flopped between a few brands but always felt most comfortable with Canon as it has always been my mama’s camera of choice.

WHEN EVERYTHING CHANGED :: I was contacted by Canon Canada not too long ago requesting I try one of their newest additions to their camera collection *are you kidding me right now*. After floating off my cloud I wrote out my response in business form all while I shrieked with joy and happy danced with Sofia between written sentences. Canon requested that I give their camera a try to see just how amazingly simple they have made owning, using and enjoying a DSLR can be to an everyday mama. Yes, I am the everyday mama; the everyday mama who LOVES taking photos.

WHAT I WAS EXPECTING :: I think it’s obvious that I love the brand Canon. Who they are, what they are about and more importantly what they are trying to bring to the everyday mothers in the form of a cherished memory. After reading all about the EOS Rebel SL1 on their website I was expecting a lot; and I mean a lot. I wanted very little weight added to my purse, extremely lightweight {after all it’s currently the lightest in it’s class}, I was expecting point and shoot ease with pro-like images as a result, and far less time spend deleting images that were out-of-focus, had bad lighting or a complete blur, with more time spent on trying to choose between the far too many amazing shots I did get.

WHAT I GOT :: In all honestly, if I may, and I think this is what you’re after, my honest opinion; this camera delivers all of my desires and then some. I take this camera everywhere, just like I would my others however this one did not add much more weight to my standard mama-load {wipes, sanitizer, emergency snacks, a change of clothing and Sofia’s beloved blanky}, believe it or not it weighs less than my leopard pouf of lipsticks thats stashed in my purse at all times. The point and shoot I desired, it’s exactly what I got, easy peasy lemon squeezy, turned her on and dialed the selection wheel to M {manual mode} as it’s what I prefer to shoot in these day. Moved the aperture and iso settings based on the sunlight and depth of perception that I had wanted and the images I got are what you see above. No brightening up, no touching up, just raw, in the moment and beautiful{and yes, we tapped into our emergency snacks that day, popcorn}. I think it’s obvious with images like these their was far less deleting and as an end result far more memory space will be needed for the laptop; too many amazing shots I don’t dare trash.

CANON FACEBOOK APP :: This is what I meant by “and then some“. Canon has not only designed a camera that makes capturing life’s little moments in time flawlessly, but they have made remembering them easy too. Canon’s Facebook App will remind you, help you, and see through you take all the images you have hoped for and even those you didn’t know you wanted in your child’s first year of life. From their amazingly tiny newborn toes to their first toothless grin, the Canon Facebook App is what every new mother needs. You can pre-plan your images before baby arrives and get the ball rolling or else pop over to the app, select the age group you’re currently in and start capturing the memories now. Tips on how to take the best photo based on your angels to the lighting and more, Canon’s Baby Moments Facebook App makes you the next best thing to hiring a pro.

WHAT I WISHED IT HAD :: The only thing that I had wished for in the Canon Rebel SL1 would have been an earlier release date. Earlier as in 2.5 years ago, if we wanna get specific how about a week before Sofia was born. Don’t get me wrong, I got a magnificent amount of shots of Sofia growing up {case and point}, concurring milestones, and capturing her firsts; however streamlining it would have been ideal. Less time sorting through and fixing images and more time enjoying them, this I would have loved.

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Over the next four weeks I’m going to share with you a little deeper look into my life, images and stories with the help of my Canon EOS Rebel SL1. I will go more into depth about the Canon Facebook App as well as sharing a list of moments I captured through out Sofia’s first year that I am so happy I did. Some you may already have in the back of your mind and other’s I’m sure you will have not even thought about. Either way, the next four weeks are going to be fun, for all who’s sticking around. So stay and enjoy it, learn a little more about me and learn a lot more about an amazing company like Canon.

“Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Canon. As always, the opinions on this blog are my own.”


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  1. Linda Sue Peaker says:

    Great post Tairalyn!

  2. We just bought a Canon Rebel t3i and I don’t know how i lived without it. I love it!!!!!! I can’t believe the quality of pictures it takes even on the auto mode!!!!! Now I just have to learn how to use it.




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