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Little Miss Mama Lovelies!
… let me introduce you to Lisa. Another one of my beloved blogger besties. Her and I had decided to do a blog swap and post for one another about both our passion combined. As you all know, I love Fashion and well Lisa, she loves Cycling… combined we give you Cycling gone Chic. I posted here on her Blog, The Sprog, with a fashionable outfit that you could easily bike down the catwalk in. Today, Lisa shares with us a more practical yet extremely fashionable ways to cycle in style. Not only that, she included a video on how to ride with this years hottest trend, a Maxi. Seriously? How cool is Lisa?

Cycling in Style

Cycling is not just a sport–it’s a great way to get around town & stay fit at the same time! It’s the most energy-efficient way to travel–it doesn’t get any greener than this. So… when was the last time you went for a ride? Don’t worry–there’s no need to wear head-to-toe spandex like you just escaped the Tour de France peloton.

Here are my top tips for riding in style:

Leggings & skinny jeans {with lots of stretch} are your friend. I don’t recommend low-rise–you probably don’t want to flash cleavage back there!

You can ignore #1! There’s no reason you can’t wear a skirt or a dress. If it’s a loose short skirt, just wear undies you’re proud of! 😉 Check out this video tutorial on how to get your maxi dress out of harm’s way for a ride.

Flats are good, but heels are totally possible. I am currently coveting these Merrell Evera sandals. They’ve got a reinforced arch & grippy sole designed for cycling.

Choose hip-length tops, jackets or vests to avoid them riding up above your waistline.

Bring along something to clean your hands with. You may get road grime on your fingers from your lock & you don’t want to get the black smudges on your clothes. Wet Naps or a damp cloth in a zip-loc works great.

If helmets are mandatory where you live, don’t forget your skid lid. I’ve got a pretty sporty one, but there’s a huge range of looks out there. For funky helmets that don’t look like helmets, check out Yakkay helmets & covers.

Pull your hair back before putting your helmet. Unless you have totally straight hair or really curly hair, this will help avoid helmet-head from having it flattened downward.

Be sure to wear some sunglasses–something close-fitting while stylish. A little protection for your eyes will keep you from tearing up in the wind & making your mascara run. MEC’s Bela are my go-to glasses.

Hope this inspires you to get out your bike, dust it off & go for a ride! See you on the road!


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