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So I was approached by Food.ee recently, requesting I try their monthly snack boxes, and my initial reaction was, where do I sign up?! Letting the idea all settle in, the excitement of new snacks delivered to my door monthly was heavenly. However I reminded myself that a forever replenished stash of snacks, might not be the best of ideas for a struggling mama who has a dream of dropping 50lbs by the years end. I further did my research on the company, it’s product, and of course the cost, and was pleasantly surprised. 

Food.ee puts it simple:
Delicious, Healthy Snack Foods delivered to your door. 

I further indulge in their site to really educate myself on what they consider “healthy” and what I learn, was actually mind blowing.  They are ALL Gluten Free, with No Additives, No Preservatives, No Hormones, No Manufactured Ingredients, and many of these snacks are also Vegan and contain No Animal-Based Products. No doubt I was impressed. 

I have said it before, and I will say it again, I AM ADDICTED TO SNACKING. I have always been a snacker, and now as a full-time blogger, I find I am constantly craving a small morsel of goodness anytime I sit. Whether I am relaxing, blogging or catching up on the PVR, I love to have my hand in a bag of something sweet, salty and crunchy! I’ve come to the realization that cutting out all snacks in my life would be ludacris, and a horrible world for my family to live in, so choosing wisely and less often is a better path for me and everyone around me.
Food.ee could not have gotten in touch with me at a better time in my life. HONESTLY!

I agreed to their tempting offer, and today, I couldn’t be more excited to share with you all what life is like in a healthy snack filled home. Sitting down to Toopy and Binoo, followed by Big Brother Canada has never been so heavenly. When you pair the shows with Coconut Chips, Pirate’s Booty, and Kale Krunch everyone is bound to be happy. 

Curious on what my first “personal sized” Food.ee box contained?
Kale Krunch, Thai Chili Almonds, Cinnamon Lemongrass Tea, Pirate’s Booty, Brown Rice & Quinoa Granola, Coconut Chips, and Organic Suckers. 

The LOW DOWN on Food.ee
$33 a month will get you a personal snack box with 15-20 servings {+$6.95 shipping}
$67 a month will get you a family snack box with 30-40 servings {free shipping}
$97 a month will get you a bounty snack box with 50 to 60 servings {free shipping}

Delivery is via Canada Post and comes around the 15th of each month, takes less than 4 days to arrive after leaving the Food.ee hub, and if your postman likes his job, it will be delivered with a smile. INCREDIBLE RIGHT?!?  
*International shipping coming soon

Get your very own SNACKBOX by Food.ee today using the code LITTLEMISSMAMA and receive 50% off

Honestly speaking lovelies, Food.ee will not only save us all from horrible trans-fats, preservatives, additives and an early-aged heart attack, but also save us all money by the months end. Keeping us from buying the chips, cookies, and chocolate bars that have gibberish for an ingredients list. You know Food.ee is where its at! 

* This post is sponsored by Food.ee. I have been given the opportunity to try their monthly snack boxes, however all opinions are my own. I love what Food.ee stands for, and their vision as a company, I truly believe this, and otherwise would not share them with you.

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