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No stranger to Fashion Blogging, Tanehsa, Model and Writer behind Girl with Curves, one of my style icons. I hit her site up each and everyday to get my fix of amazing clothing, lovely hair and down right gorgeous shoes. She styles the curvy body so perfectly, she has me looking in the mirror saying  “I love me just the way I am!”. She has had grand success with Blogging, another brilliant reason to look up to the amazing woman. Feature in Glamour Magazine and more importantly New York Time Square Billboard – she amazes me each and everyday. 

I was lucky enough to catch her for an Interview, and am so happy I can share it with you all here today. Nothing like spicing up your Monday Morning with a little Fashion Fun?!

Who are some of your favorite Fashion Bloggers? Who has you waking up every morning mixing a stripe with a polka dot or hues of Pinks and Reds? Who has you inspired to live outside your Fashion Box?

Q: Tanesha, what are some staples in your wardrobe for sun shiny weather?

A: Sandals- from flats to wedges and strappy heels, cropped skinny jeans, and sheer blouses (I wish I could wear hats, but sadly, I just have too much hair to fit under one, oh well!

Q: From one curvy girl to another, tell me, do you have as hard of a time finding the perfect fit in a pair of Jeans?

A: I do!  The key is to try on lots of different brands, styles, rises and fabrics.  I find that the “Curvy” fit at Gap, Old Navy, and New York & Co. are amazing for curves.  If you want to have a custom pair of jeans that fit like a glove, Indi Custom is the way to go.

Q: I just love Tanesha, how you’re not afraid of color. What is your favorite hues this Spring?

A: Why, thank you! I’m obsessed with corals and neutrals for Spring. (I just ordered a pair of white skinnies- can’t wait to wear them with my coral blazer!)

Q: Sometimes I find myself in a wardrobe funk, unable to feel fabulous in anything. Do you get this way ever? If so what do you do to perk yourself up?

A: I think it happens to us all! I find that starting with your fave pair of shoes, and working up from there in putting together the outfit, does the trick.

Q: Featured in Glamour Magazine and perched pretty on a Billboard in Time Square, these are two outstanding accomplishments. To date, what has made you feel most rewarded as a Fashion Blogger?

A: Thank you!  I’m so fulfilled knowing that I’m helping someone out there, feel better about themselves, in relating to me and my blog.  My mission is to change the world through fashion, by  promoting self-esteem and body confidence, so reaching girls and women all over the world with this message, is the greatest reward!

Q: As a curvaceous women, is their any trend or fad that you would avoid? As much as I’d like to think I could pull anything off, harem pants haunts me as I sleep. 

A: Haha!  Harem pants are a tough one for me personally because they just don’t suit my personal style, but if you love a particular trend, rock it with confidence! I don’t think there’s anything one isn’t able to wear, as long as the fit is amazing and the wearer feels confident in it.  You can never go wrong wearing something you feel amazing in, because your confidence will shine brighter than any negative opinions. We should wear what we love, and not worry about what other’s think- it’s your body, so dress it like the goddess that you are!

To conclude I would love to throw out some options in Fashion and Beauty and I you, my friend, will chose the first thing that comes to heart:

Chanel or Louis Vuitton 
Chanel (aside from the beyond amazing clothes, the name itself is so luxurious, isn’t it?!)

Real Fur or Faux
FAUX- I’m an animal lover!

Skinny Jeans or Wide Leg
Skinny Jeans

Polka Dots or Stripes
ooow that’s a toughie- I love both, but I’m sort of having a polka dot moment right now, so I’ll say polka dots

Gold or Silver

Coffee or Tea
Neither, I’m a water drinker (Gave up caffeine 10 years ago, and haven’t looked back since!)


Girl with Curves

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