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Lulu.com Shoes Feature

Lulus.com is all sorts of amazing. If you can’t find a shoe you fall head over heels for, you my friend, have one BIG shoe dilemma on your feet.  I could spend hours upon hours trying to chose what shoe I want from Lulu’s this spree, but I take on the task and get the job done. 

Tell me, have you bought anything recently from Lulu’s? If so what did you just ‘have to have‘?

#6 is a lovely loafer that anyone I know would “give their left arm” to own. 
#1 is a sassy leopard loafer  that says I am sweet but not innocent… Just love these babies.
#5 remind me of a sexy Mary Poppins. I know I would eat a spoonful of Sugar for these beauties.
#4 is all about making a statement. Mint doesn’t always have to be soft, they have a rough side too. 
#2 is a wedge that just can’t be ignored. In a marvelous hue of mustard they mean business.
#3 is very mysterious. Showing the ground you strut on through their heel, these are nothing short of magical.

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